The King of Naples and his retinue are shipwrecked in a storm conjured by the learned and vengeful Prospero. Though the King’s young son (Ferdinand) is feared dead, none have been harmed by Prospero’s magic. Prospero’s villainous brother (Antonio) who usurped his brother’s position as Duke of Milan twelve years previously has made it safely ashore, and is quick to plot the King’s murder. Prospero’s spirit-servant Ariel helps prevent bloodshed, but Prospero’s slave Caliban, who has been in conflict with Prospero since he arrived on the island, looks to spill his master’s blood. Prospero’s young daughter (Miranda) and the King’s son (Ferdinand) fall in love, and plan to marry, but the celebration is cut short as Prospero confronts his brother and reveals his true identity. The families are reunited, and all is forgiven. Having granted Ariel his freedom, Prospero prepares to leave the island.