Fifteen year old daughter to Prospero, who has grown up on the island knowing only her father, Ariel and Caliban. She falls in love with, and later marries the shipwrecked Ferdinand.


Shipwrecked Prince, and son of king Alonso, who falls in love with, and later marries Prospero’s daughter Miranda.


Usurped Duke of Milan, who has lived on this island with his daughter for 13 years.  With the aid of the island’s spirits Prospero creates a storm that shipwrecks his former enemies.


An airy spirit, freed from imprisonment by Prospero. Ariel serves Prospero, and uses his magic to fulfill his master’s wishes.


Son of the witch Sycorax, who has been enslaved by Prospero.  Caliban is unsuccessful in his attempt to overthrow his master with the help of the shipwrecked Stephano and Trinculo.