A young member of the Montague family, who begins the play suffering unrequited love for Rosaline, but soon has his heart stolen by Juliet Capulet. Having married Juliet, he finds himself exiled to Mantua, only to return and find Juliet seemingly dead in the family tomb. He takes his own life, thinking his wife dead, and dies with one last kiss.


Young daughter to Lord and Lady Capulet, who falls in love with Romeo Montague, despite her parent’s desire that she marry their choice of husband, Paris. Distraught at Romeo’s banishment, and determined to evade marriage to Paris, Juliet follows the Friar’s instruction to fake her own death. She wakes in her tomb to discover Romeo’s poisoned body beside her, and takes her own life with a dagger.


A young member of the Montague family, and cousin to Romeo, who finds himself nursing the mortally wounded Mercutio, following a street duel after Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage.


Having attended upon Juliet since birth, the Nurse enjoys a close and intimate relationship with the young Capulet. She works hard to secure Juliet’s happiness, but in bringing Romeo and Juliet together she risks causing further conflict between the feuding families.


Confidant to Romeo and Juliet. The Friar oversees the young couple’s secret marriage, and helps Juliet evade marriage to Paris by proposing that she fake her own death. His letters, informing Romeo of their plan, fail to reach Mantua, and he is left to explain their deaths to all at the close.